Man Utd players ban from Instagram and social media VIDEO

The Instagram video from Luke Shaw that has now resulted in a social media ban for Man Utd players

Jose Mourinho can be described in many ways, but the best way to describe him would be a winner. He’s the kind of manager that does absolutely anything in his power to win matches. The fact that his current Manchester United side aren’t yet a winning side is no doubt forcing him to consider ways to improve his side.

However, his solution is a questionable one at best and a laughable one at worst. The Portuguese manager has decided to clamp down on his players’ usage of social media. This includes telling players what they can and cannot post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the like.

The reason for the ban? An old video posted by Luke Shaw on Instagram wherein he gave fans a fitness update. This video was posted during his lengthy injury lay-off and was thus seen as a positive sign from fans. However, Mourinho believes it showed the club as incapable of getting their player fit, hence the extended social media ban.

See the video that stirred the hornets’ nest below:

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