Encomiums have followed the donation of over One Thousand literary and non literary text books to the Department of English and Literary Studies Library of the Imo State University Owerri by the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) New Media Director General Comr. Izuchuchwu Akwarandu on the 6th of December 2017

The philanthropist, while handing over the books in an event organized by Akwarandu Foundation at the University auditorium in Owerri, said he had put mechanisms in place to ensure he meets the two million books target.

Speaking at the presentation of some of the books at the IMSU Auditorium, Owerri, Akwarandu stated why his foundation deemed it a necessity to equip and retrain Ndi Imo through academic Books… he said…

 “What we are doing here today is the official hand over of the Books collated so far, in the #AicDonateABook campaign, which kicked off on the 25th of October, 2017. We most sincerely appreciate you all for the support and solidarity. The social media shares, likes and comments were indeed too many. This goes to show how fast and easy one can execute a task using social media for the right reasons. The Aic Akwarandu Foundation is passionate about anything that will inspire and encourage the younger generation to build a better society. Our society today is threatened due to lack of moral values. We are interested in righting the wrongs through an enlightened process. We intend not to create saints, but we are committed to creating those who place high value and respect on sainthood’’.

The #AicDonateABook campaign is aimed at encouraging our generation by exposing their reasoning through reading. A reader is everything you can think about; a carpenter, trader, tailor, mechanic, etc. A good reader finds solutions to critical issues. Not because he is a magician, but because he must have encountered such situation in one book or the other. However, most times our students find it difficult to access these materials, thereby affecting their exposure. This ugly situation and many more spurred us into this campaign and we are indeed grateful that we are here today to accomplish this noble objective. It is important to note that this campaign is not ended yet. Our ambition is to raise 2, 000,000 books for the Department before the end of the year, 2019. We can't do this alone, like Oliver Twist, we shall continue to ask for more’’.

Officials of the Imo State University (IMSU), Lecturers, students and other special guests at the official handover ceremony praised the Director General of Imo PDP New Media Izuchukwu Akwarandu, who is also a product of the same university. He has initiated so many other projects across the nation to improve and enhance both teaching and learning in public schools since 2015 – with many of them calling on others to emulate him.

The young and vibrant philanthropist thanked everyone who contributed in one way or the other to the success the project.
“I must sincerely appreciate the Vitalis and Chinonye led Committee, they really performed beyond my expectations, coordinating the activities from the campaign period to where we are today. Their hard work motivated the Foundation to do what we are doing today. I use this opportunity to appreciate you all. I can't mention all your names but are assured that every one of you made great impacts and contributions which made this event see the light of the day.’
“To my Dear donors, we couldn't have achieved this without you. From the first day we kicked off this campaign to the last day, there was no day we did not get a book. Worst case situation, we get one. People appreciated even those outside the shores of this country. Our prayer is that the good Lord will continue to provide for those who will stand for you in your times of need. Humanity shall be fair and supportive to you all and posterity will never forget you for supporting this noble cause.
Conclusively, may I on behalf of the entire members and board of Directors of the the Foundation thank you all who made out time to be with us from 10am till now. This day will go down in history for the success we achieved, which is to your credit. May the good Lord bless you, all. We say Thank you, Thank u and Thank you. When you leave here at the end of this ceremony, may the good Lord take you back safely to your various destinations. Amen.”

Aic Akwarandu


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