Bow Wow Gets Punched By Rapper For Allegedly Talking Shit About Future

A clip has surfaced of what appears to be Bow Wow getting jumped for allegedly talking bad about Future.

It looks like Bow Wow is in the middle of more controversy, and this time he’s getting snuffed out by an unknown rapper. On Tuesday night, footage surfaced online of Bow Wow allegedly getting jumped/punched by a rapper by the name of Cheeks Bossman for allegedly talking shit about Future, or so it’s reported.

It’s tough to make out the footage entirely, but it does appear that someone runs up on Bow Wow and can be heard saying “Whats up with that Future shit?” then knocks him down to the ground before the clip ends. There’s very little information about the incident, or what Bow Wow might’ve said to deserve getting jumped like that, but the proof is in the footage.

If you forgot, Bow Wow once dated Ciara years ago before Future, so it’s safe to assume their disliking of one another stems from that connection, but who knows what happened recently to cause Cheeks to step in?

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