Young Jefe returns with his third video off "Quiet Storm."
Glizzy's dreams of chasing that international gig money were dashed when Big Sean postponed his The Unfriendly Reminder Tour. Shy Glizzy has used the unplanned vacancy of time to his advantage. The ironically the mise en scène for "Keep It Goin'" places "Young Jefe" at a concert venue, as his team uses radio frequency to establish a secure perimeter to enter.

The video for "Keep It Goin'" broadly depicts both the struggle and the spoils that come with hard work. The security perimeter in the opening frame gets cast aside, as the scene shifts to Glizzy cozying up in his mansion with his son. Intruders start to gather around the building, toting semi automatic weaponry. The final scene screams hyperbole, as the intruders encircle "Young Jefe" pointing to his demise, only to have his life saved by the buxom woman occupying his in-ground pool. She corners the gunmen at gunpoint, salvaging all that Glizzy has worked so hard to amass.

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