Do you know that there are some uncommon romantic gestures that can a girl Melt.

 Romantic Gestures

#1: Caressing her hair while watching TV or movies (or even her hand or shoulder).

 #2: Ordering dessert to go so you can eat it together intimately (or off each other) at home.

 #3: Whenever you ask her where she wants to go or what she wants to do, have two or three well thought out possibilities to offer in case she hesitates or doesn’t want to have to decide on her own.

 #4: Make the bed while she’s showering or getting dressed.

 #5: Make (or order dinner) when you know she’s coming home after a particularly long or challenging day.

 #6: If you’re walking somewhere and she’s wearing uncomfortable shoes or clothes, over to carry her for a while (or just offer this regardless of what she happens to be wearing).

 #7: Offer to help more when you notice she’s more overwhelmed than usual.

 #8: When buying clothing for a gift, pick something that will both look good and feel comfortable.

 #9: Touch her face with your hand(s) while you kiss her.

 #10: Buy her ice cream instead of flowers (sometimes).

 #11: Surprise her with entirely loving (and appropriate) public displays of affection.

 #12: Know how to make her favorite drink like a professional (so, like a seasoned bartender).

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