Crossword puzzles -  a game that’s enough to get wordsmiths across the globe swooning as they indulge in its extensive puzzling sessions while giving their mind the gift of relaxing and rejuvenating in a productive way. However, apart from being oh-so-fun and everything in between, do you know that playing crosswords have scientific benefits too? Yes, a lot of researches has been done in this context with the conclusion of crosswords having a plethora of mentally stimulating benefits. In fact, one of the researcher, Ann Lukits, the author of the amazingly written “Puzzles Boost Verbal Skills, Cut Dementia Risk” piece published in Wall Street Journal revealed that playing crosswords with regular consistency has the ability to enhance the memory as well as the brain functions of people growing old. Isn’t that so damn amazing? So, if you are a crossword aficionado head over heels in love with this cryptic game or someone who wants to fall in love with it, you would be all the more happy when you know about its few more scientific benefits. Let’s take a look now. 

Deeply affects the functionalities of brain: Since a lot of mental stimulation happens during a session of crosswords, the effects of the same goes quite deep in the brain. Amidst a lot of research done in this context, a study done by UC – Berkeley is of the belief that indulging regularly in  crossword puzzles has the ability to ward lethal brain disease like Alzheimer's too. The research found that how the patients of Alzheimer have excessive accumulation of the toxic protein Beta-amyloid and how playing crossword plays a critical role in reducing the build up of these proteins within the brain. Now, that’s commendable! 

Makes significant improvements in communication and cognitive skills: Another research says that solving crosswords in a group can play a critical role in enhancing your communication and cognitive abilities. Well, the fact that playing a game or two of crosswords with friends or family not only strengthens your bond but, also gives you imperative lessons on collaboration and dispute solving certainly makes crosswords the best mind game one can ever play. Additionally, your vocabulary becomes top notch too with all the new words you decipher every day  and using it in your day to day conversations certainly enhances your communication skills as well. How cool is that! 

Improves your processing speed: Crossword puzzles are a great way of giving your processing speed the much required boost. So, if you are a little slow at analyzing and concluding answers, you might want to play a game or two of crosswords and take your thinking skills a level up. 

Induces you with competitive spirit: When you play crosswords with someone else, be it your friend, partner or anyone in general, a sense of competitive spirit induces you as you decipher the puzzle and try to finish it first and win it all. Hence, the zeal of excelling and getting a competitive edge over the other player not only enhances your competitive spirit but also helps you build your confidence and motivation level. In fact, with online crosswords like Wealth Words, you can even feel instant gratification with all the real money you get as winnings. Yes, just answer it's puzzles right and you are good to laugh all the way to bank. 

It’s a great tool for boosting memory: Since crossword puzzles requires you to brainstorm your mind to find new words, a lot of pressure is put on your memory while accessing the vocabulary  and getting the right answer, which in turn polishes your memory power to a great extent. 

Hence, aren't crosswords puzzles way too appealing? Well, these benefits surely prove so. Portable, reasonable and always available - could there be a game better than crosswords for relaxing and rejuvenating? Absolutely not. So, get going, dive in its world of words and experience the magic of crosswords, one puzzle at a time.

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