Iraq sentences more than 40 foreign ‘women of ISIS’ to death

DOZENS of foreign ISIS brides are being sentenced to death or life imprisonment in Iraq as the country exacts its revenge after three years of jihadi occupation. 

The women - many of whom come from France, Turkey, Russia or Central Asia - are given 10 minutes to plead for their lives before judges decide their sentence

 French citizen Djamila Boutoutao pleads for her live during a court appearance Many of them find little sympathy with the Iraqi judiciary and locals, and are despised for their support of their militant husbands who tore the country apart between 2014 - 2017. 

 French citizen Djamila Boutoutao, 29, appeared in court last week alongside 14 other women, The Guardian reported, where she begged to keep hold of her daughter. 

 She was among the estimated total of 1,900 French citizens, and 40,000 foreigners, who travelled to join ISIS's so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria. 

She said: "I’m going mad here. I’m facing a death sentence or life in prison. 

No one tells me anything, not the ambassador, not people in prison." 

"Don’t let them take my daughter away. 

I am willing to offer money if you can contact my parents.

 Please get me out of here." According to the paper, at least 40 women have been sentenced to death, while its believed around 300 people in total with links to ISIS have so far been executed. 

 At a hearing last month Boutoutao claimed: "I thought I had married a rapper. 

It was only when we arrived in Turkey for a week-long 'holiday' that I discovered my husband was a jihadist.

 "I’m a victim. My husband beat me and locked me up in a cave with my children when I refused to follow him (to Iraq).

Now more than 1,000 people are banged up in Baghdad jails having been identified as either members of the group or relatives of fighters.

 Most the women are widowed, and many if these are the only caregiver left for small children born to terrorist dads. 

 Last month, a court in Baghdad handed 19 Russian women life sentences for "joining and supporting" the terror group.

 Al Jazeera reported many of them claimed they were misled into making the trip to Iraq. 

 One said: "I did not know we were in Iraq. I went with my husband and my children to Turkey to live there and then I suddenly discovered I was actually in Iraq." 

 The broadcaster reports that more than 20,000 have been detained on suspicion of ties to the group, while at least 300 have so far been executed. ISIS 'Beatles' refuse to condemn atrocities and accuse Britain of 'war crimes'

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