After a bit of confusion following the comments of certain members of the Russian political class, it has been determined by no less than a spokesperson for President Vladimir Putin that Russian women are officially allowed to have sex with foreigners who are over for the event. 
Vladimir Putin

 The confusion started with a 70-year-old Russian MP called Tamara Pletnyova who said that she hoped that no Russian women would date or sleep with visiting fans. 

 Why, I hear you ask? Well, Pletnyova is the head of the Russian government's parliamentary committee on families. 

That sounds innocent enough, but she then went on to say that she didn't want Russians to be raising mixed race children - a direct reference to the 'Children of the Olympics' - mixed race children that were born following the Moscow Olympics of 1980. 

 That is, of course, ridiculous, and pretty overtly racist.

 Luckily, other members of the Russian government have spoken out against her and said that they have no problems with Russian women getting with foreigners.

 PA Putin's spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov said: "As for Russian women, they can, perhaps, decide it on their own. 

They are the best women in whole world." 

 Another politician, Alexander Rolbinov, also spoke from Kaliningrad, where he is the deputy leader. 

He said: "'It reminded me of a phrase during a televised conference between the USSR and America, "When asked about sex, (a Russian woman) said that we do not have sex in the Soviet Union. "
But the heart wants what it wants. 

Love will surely come.

 And as for international marriages, in such families appear very beautiful children."

 It's not just the politicians that are hitting out at Pletnyova's comments.

 A prominent TV journalist, Yelena Khanga, said that Pletnyova's comments were "immoral". 

 She said: "In the Soviet Union we had a policy of friendship between people

But in the USSR, it was forbidden and immoral to make such comments." 

 "We can now laugh at the USSR as much as we like. 

But in the USSR, it was forbidden and immoral to make such comments.

 "I can show her a photo of my daughter. 

Very beautiful girl. Maybe she will explain, why my daughter is worse than her daughter? "She has a daughter, apparently, of the same race with her husband. 

Now if she has at least one example of how my daughter is worse, then we will have a conversation."

 Well, if there are any Russian women out there reading this. 

Make your own decisions, don't listen to politicians about who you can and can't have sex with.

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