The British government has been slammed over their treatment of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Roman abrahmovic

Chelsea's Russian owner has personally halted the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge in the wake of being forced to wait for his UK visa to be renewed.

Abramovich's UK visa expired in April - effectively banning him from Britain - and the billionaire has torn up his application and taken Israeli citizenship because he is tired of waiting.

 Lord Hain, the former Labour cabinet minister and a passionate Chelsea fan, told The Times: "The Government has been hamfistedly clumsy' adding their 'objective should have been to aim at Vladimir Putin, not Chelsea."

 Britain's new clampdown on oligarchs means 700-plus Russian millionaires who also need a tier 1 visa to live and work in Britain must prove their extraordinary wealth is not built on 'dirty money'.

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