Labour Party National Chairman Comr Mika Omotosho with Labour Union Congress President during the press conference in Abuja

The National Chairman of Labour Party Comr. Mike Omotosho in press conference in Abuja on Tuesday 10th July 2018 told the members of the public that the party is not part of any coalition or merger as reported in the media. 

The party’s national chairman while addressing newsmen at the party’s national headquarters said the attention of the national leadership of the party was drawn to a purported inclusion of the party in the recent coalition formed by some group of Nigeria politicians under the guise of ‘Grand Alliance’. 

Mr Omotosho further revealed that the party was impersonated by the sacked ex national party chairman A. A. Salam and the former Governor of Ondo state state Olusegun Mimiko. In his words; 

‘’ information in our disposition revealed that our former national chairman (A. A. Salam), who was sacked at the special national convention of the party held on 3rd October 2017, impersonated the national chairman and masqueraded as the party’s official and committed the party to the so called coalition by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on behalf of the party’’ 

He further stated that ‘’the false commitment of our dear party to this unholy alliance is therefore the fiery imaginations and fictions of A. A Salam and the former governor of Ondo state, Dr. Mimiko. It is born out of their hurriedness to mortgage the Party for their selfish political end. The former governor has now become politically irrelevant and is therefore looking for a platform or an avenue to use the Labour party to negotiate for the position of Vice president of Nigeria’’. 

Omotosho clearly and boldly stated that in his brief that the Labour party is NOT a part of any coalition as the Leadership of the party has not been consulted, neither has there been any form of meeting or agreement between the party and any other political Party in Nigeria. 

‘’Our party is not going to be used as a vehicle for the accomplishment of evil mechanization. Therefore, we hereby disassociate our Great Party, the Labour Party, from such a clandestine gathering, calculated to further throw the political atmosphere of Nigeria into more heinous confusion’’. 

While the National Chairman called on all peace loving Nigerians to disregard A. A. Salam and his cohorts, who are presently facing prosecution for fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement and looting of party funds, he warned that anyone who transacts any form of business with them does so at his/her own peril. 

‘’the Labour Party is not only a political party but a political movement, guided by its ethics, values, principles and social ideologies, where all actions are taken in consideration of due process. If there was any need for the Party to join any coalition, the consent and approval of the National Working Committee (NWC) and the National Executive Council (NEC) and its allies; The Nigerian Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress and the Civil Societies would have been sought before such a huge organ decision is taken’’ Omotosho concluded.

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