Hamas  Troops

Hamas has increased training of its forces amid rising tensions with the Jewish state, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing defense officials speaking to Israeli public broadcaster Kan.

 Israel has recently deployed Iron Dome batteries throughout southern Israel. 

 A successful missile test launch was conducted last week at the Palmachim air base, the Defense Ministry said. 

Hamas has also redeployed forces along the border with Israel after having abandoned the area following mass protests that began in May, Channel 2 reported. 

 According to the report, this could signal Hamas’ interest in regaining control of the territory and might also be a measure to prevent rioters from instigating any violence with Israel. 

Last Thursday, the Israeli navy and air force conducted a series of tests led by Rafael, the manufacturer of the Iron Dome missile defense system, the defense ministry said in a statement. 

The tests aimed to simulate threats from Hamas and other Gaza-based terror groups. 

 In a separate incident, a Turkish national who was arrested a month ago at Ben-Gurion Airport was indicted by the Military Advocate General on Sunday for several security offenses including attempt to launder money for the Hamas terror group. 

 27-year-old Ebru Ozkan, who worked at a research center in Turkey along with several Hamas activists, visited Israel as part of an organized tour. 

He was given 15 bottles of perfume at Istanbul’s airport to transfer to Hamas for money-laundering purposes.


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