U.S. Army

The U.S. is nearing the end of an operation to clear the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from one of its main strongholds in Afghanistan, according to Reuters.

 The operation, led by U.S. and Afghan Special Forces, is almost complete, officials told the news outlet. 

As of the beginning of June, 167 ISIS fighters had been killed in the operation, according to Reuters. 

 The mission’s target was Deh Bala, an area near the Pakistan border.

 “This was one of the main green zones that did two things,” Lt. Col. Josh Thiel told Reuters. 

“One, it provided money, finance, logistics to ISIS and we’ve taken that away from them. 

"Additionally, ISIS was using this as a site to prepare and move high-profile attacks on Kabul and Jalalabad,” he added.

 The Deh Bala fighters were reportedly funding their activities through illegal logging and talc mining.

 “I wouldn’t say the actual suicide bombers came from Deh Bala, but facilitation runs all along the border and part of it used to come through here,” Brigadier General John Brennan told Reuters.

 The local militants are known for extreme violence, with their four-year existence reportedly marked by executions by beheading.


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