the prepared Liver Fried Rice

By: Eby Amanda Pius-Urum

First, Nigerian fried rice has just liver, sweet corn, carrot, pea, spring onion, green beans, margarine or groundnut oil, curry, seasoning cube, salt as the ingredients. Any other ingredient added, you've defied it. 

Before the recipes, shout out to Omalicha Bernard. One of my right hand babes. She wanted the recipe for basic fried rice and she didn't stop disturbing me. The one who hid ego and is willing to learn. No cunning movements. She kept telling me 

 "babe I want recipe for normal fried rice" 

Thank you, Omalicha. You are one of those who push me to become a better person. 

LOL... I'm sorry for taking your time. 

Here we go.  Read more


  • 2 cups of rice. 
  • Pea.. 
  • Curry and salt. 
  • Seasoning cube. 
  • 1/2k of cow liver. 
  • 1 big green pepper. 
  • 4 medium size carrots. 
  • 7strands of spring onion. 
  • 1 table spoon of margarine. 


1. Wash and boil the rice with seasoning cube, salt and curry according to the quantity of the rice. And allow to cool. 

2. Dice the veggies and liver. 

3. In a neat pan/pot, add the margarine or groundnut oil. I use margarine because it gives the rice not too oily look. And in battle with groundnut oil. It makes me dizzy. Except you are cooking for a number of people, I will advise you use margarine. 

4. Add the liver and stir fry for a while.(just to get the liver a bit strong) add the onion. 

5. Add the pea and carrot. Gently stir on a low heat. 

6. Add the remaining seasoning cube and salt. Check out the taste and get in the rice. Stir for about a minute or two. Make sure it's well mixed. Serve with your favorite meat.(optional) I hope this helps you in the kitchen. 

Thank you so much for reading. I love you!

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