By: Eby Amanda Pius-Urum

Pineapple fried rice is one one dish you are going to get addicted to once you eat it. 

I'm a pineapple freak. One day, I actually said... "babe you know you can actually cook with this?" 

Checked the internet and there was actually a pineapple meal. I zoomed off to the market. But, hey darling! It will take some little kitchen skills for you to get it right for the first time. If you don't, try again. 

Recipes depends on the quantity of rice you are cooking

I made two derica with 1 pineapple 
10 springs of onion. 
1 pack of chopped carrots and greens(bought from shoprite) you can get 4 big carrots and 
15 pieces of green beans from the market if you can't go to the mall. 
5 eggs. 
1/2 cup of groundnut oil. 
A small portion of shrimps. 
1 green beans. 
2 cloves of garlic. 
Dried curry. 
2 Seasoning cubes. 
Salt Oyster sauce. 
 And 4 drumsticks of course. 
Meat should be there. ๐Ÿ˜‚  Read more

1. Boil the rice with curry, salt and set aside. While you mix the drumsticks in a chilli pepper, thyme, salt and half seasoning cube. The sight was just so beautiful that I wished I had oven. Grilling ti takeover. But I deep fried. 

2. I have chopped carrots and green beans already. Dice the pepper and spring onion. 

3. Gently cut the pineapple in parallel form. Cut the inside into tiny pieces and scope them out. I do this because I love using the pineapple as a plate. But if you can't, cut it like your regular pineapple and dice into tiny pieces. Put them in a seive to drain out the water. You can't afford to make the fried rice watery. 

4. Wash and salt the shrimps. 

5.In neat pan or pot, heat the oil and add the salted shrimps. Stir fry for at least 2 minutes. Shrimps are very soft. 

6. Get in the diced pepper and spring onion. 

7. Add the carrot and green beans. Please, stir fry on a very low heat so that you don't overcook the veggies. 

8. Add the pineapple. Stir fry a minute and scoop everything out. 

9. In a same pan. Add a little oil and fry the eggs. 

10. Add the rice. Add two table spoon of oyster sauce and stir very well. I don't want the taste to be obvious. Else, I wouldn't use any seasoning cube or salt. 

11. Pour in the veggies, add seasoning and salt. Stir and allow to cook for a minute. 

There you have it. Serve hot!

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