6ix9ine can't Tell the difference between Beyonce & Blac Chyna

6ix9ine Can't Tell The Difference Between Beyonce & Blac Chyna

From the looks of things, Tekashi 6ix9ine may be a little "dumb d-d-d, dumb d-d-d" himself. He's been hyping up his latest single with Bobby Shmurda by initiating a dance challenge, which seems to be the popular thing to do these days.

If you want your track to pop off, make a dance with it. Some have been attempting the "STOOPID Challenge" on social media and although it hasn't exactly exploded yet, the popularity of the song is probably enough to get Tekashi his coveted 10/10. One person that tried their hand at it was Blac Chyna but 6ix9ine seems a little confused about that whole situation.

Chyna posted a video of herself pulling off the "STOOPID" dance at the store and 6ix9ine shared it to his own social media. However, he doesn't seem to quite know who she is. He joked, "Beyoncé killed this shit," letting his fans either go along with the joke or correct him profusely in the comments. Obviously, this is just another instance of the rapper trolling. It would be difficult to believe that he doesn't actually know what Bey looks like...

Blac Chyna was in the news a little earlier as she appears to have ended her friendship with Amber Rose. Hopefully, there are some details about that later today. If you haven't checked out "STOOPID," peep the video here.


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