Dads hounded by prostitutes on the school run

Parents taking their children to school along a certain road in Hull claim they are being hounded by prostitutes. The area has long been known for women plying their trade but a recent clampdown seemed to have reduced the problems. However, fed-up residents now say the problem has got much worse in the last few weeks with passers-by being propositioned constantly.

One Coltman Street resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘It is beyond a joke now. You cannot stop in the street now without getting propositioned. They even do it when I’m with my girlfriend.

‘When I am going to work in the morning I have even seen parents being approached when their children are with them. I don’t know how they explain what is happening to their children.

‘Most of them are also on drugs and we see a lot of needles and foil left around. If you go into any telephone box it is all there. ‘There are usually a minimum of six girls working but at the weekend there could be 15 to 20. ‘They are all the way from the Rawlings Way roundabout up to Asda.

They are not just having sex in cars either. They do it in alleyways, car parks and behind buildings.’ The resident says it has been getting worse more recently. ‘It has got a lot worse in the last three weeks,’ he said. ‘There are signs up saying prostitution will not be tolerated but the women just ignore it. ‘They all seem addicted and you will seem some of them clutching a half-empty bottle of vodka. I was approached – it was embarrassing’.

Another resident, who lives in Eton Street, also spoke of his concerns over the number of sex workers in Hessle Road. He said: ‘I was approached by a woman in her 50s who asked if I wanted to come back to hers. She said her father would take us. Her father? I presume it was her pimp.

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