Shortly after Buhari and the dignitaries left the venue, some APC youths wearing black T-shirt took over the arena. 

In a procession with the APC flag, they started moving around, singing songs in support of President Buhari towards the 2019 Presidential election. 

Trouble however started when somebody, who infiltrated the group, stole the telephone set of one of the youth. Rather than submit the telephone set when he was caught, he drew out dagger to scare away those who tried to get the telephone set from him. 

With the thief’s supporters at the venue backing him, it almost turned to free for all fight. They ran, pushed and pursued one another around the venue for over 15 minutes. 

It got bloody when some of the thief’s gang started throwing stones, which made the youths to run helter skelter around the venue for safety. One young boy of about 15 years was not too lucky as one of the stones landed on his head. 

The boy, who was bleeding profusely, was given first aid treatment by some members of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps at the venue.

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