A Peruvian man was hoping to suss out the best way to get to a bridge in the capital city of Lima via Google Maps, but instead chanced upon the shocking image of his wife cuddling another man.

Peruvian man divorces wife after seeing her cuddling with lover on Google Maps

The woman and her lover were photographed by a Google Street View car camera on a bench near the Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine in 2013.

According to local media reports, the man divorced his wife after confronting her with proof of her infidelity.

The photo shows the woman sitting on a bench stroking the hair of a man, whose head was positioned in her lap.

The man first noticed that the woman's clothes were similar to his wife's, reports said.

He realised it was her only after taking a closer look and she later admitted to having an affair.

The couple were not named in the reports.

The man later took to social media to share photos of his wife and her lover.

According to Daily Mail UK, a Facebook user said: "What a small world it is... It would have been enough if she said to her husband that she did not love him anymore."

The photo is not the first bizarre image to have popped up on Google Maps and Google Street View.

They include people in Tokyo dressed as pigeons, an escaped convict running down the road, a couple having sex by their car and a woman giving birth.


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