Uzoegbu Millicent Joe is the Founder and President of House of MeeVee Foundation, which intends to hold the first edition of Face of MeeVee Beauty Pageant, where ambassadors for the fight against drug abuse will emerge. She spoke to Ubochi Gabriel of the Evolutionalblogs in an exclusive interview below. 

You addressed a press conference last year, to herald the coming of Face of MeeVee Beauty Pageant. Tell us about House of MeeVee and Face of MeeVee Beauty Pageant?

To start with House of MeeVee Foundation is an NGO with the sole aim of fighting all kinds of drug abuse. We carefully researched and considered where we can also join hands with the Government, Agencies and NGOs to better our world then we discovered that mental health problems are increasing on hourly bases mostly as a result of drug abuse and consumption of harmful substances predominantly amongst the youth so decided to create a platform that will compliment others effort in fighting this menace. The stated reason also gave birth to Face of MeeVee Beauty Pageant where we can raise combatants for this purpose. It's not just your everyday pageant but we are here to leave a positive impact in the souls of our society and the world at large most especially the young, for me it is Save Them Young. 

When will the beauty contest hold and where? 

This is the maiden edition and we are ensuring we create a positive lasting impression in the heart of the world. It will hold at Nicon Luxury Abuja on the 28th of October 2018. 

How is Face of MeeVee Beauty Pageant different from other previous beauty pageants? 

Face of MeeVee is an issue based and problem solving pageant platform… we aligned ourselves with the Government and other agencies and NGOs in tackling nagging issues that is deep eating our societies and in this case drug abuse. We help in amplifying the campaign and fight against drug abuse and the consumption of other harmful substances. So you can see we are issue based and that purpose drives us… It stands us out and I think other platforms have a lot to learn from us. 

Which corporate organization has agreed to sponsor the event? 

God has been wonderful I must say… for the purpose of what we stand for and the issue we have tackling, we are in collaboration with the National Drug & Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA whose works in this area we are complimenting. There are also other agencies and NGOs working with us in this regards… there are corporate brands and media firms working with us also. So yes there are corporate bodies and a government agency with us on this fight 

Have you selected the judges and what is the basis of selection? 

Yes the judges have been selected. I believe they are professionally qualified for the job because they are all career personalities in the industry and not just that, they also align with the value principles which the House of MeeVee stands for. They are people with refined integrity. Thank you 

In what ways will the society benefit from the Face of MeeVee Beauty Pageant? 

In what way......? 

There are lots of ways our society will benefit from our platform. Let me tell you… we started this campaign even before we conceive the idea of raising Ambassadors who will serve as foot soldiers has for the campaign against drug abuse…. We have been on this campaign for over 3 years now... So we have and are still giving and reaching out already and just for you to know Face of MeeVee is yet to start. Just watch out for us... 

How will winners emerge? 

By the virtue of participating alone, they will be inducted into the House of MeeVee as ambassadors but there must be a ringleader. The judges’ decision will determine who wears the crown so the Best will emerge. 

What do the winners stand to gain and are there consolation prizes for other contestants? 

Yes loads of prizes to be won and like I said earlier, Face of MeeVee is not your everyday pageant and all the participants are winners. The contestants, I mean all of them will be going home with a gift... from Lavita Rricca Int'l. They will be carrying out a lot of projects on this campaign so; 

• The FaceofMeeVee World will go home with a brand new Car and 500k 
• 1st Runner Up will take home 250k 
• 2nd Runner Up 100K 
• 3rd Runner Up a Crown and other consolation prize 

You will be launching a book on the grand finale. Tell us about it? 

Yes ... I am so happy that I will be launching my Book on campaign against drug abuse on the 28th of October. The book is one of House of MeeVee’s pet projects, which will be given out to as many schools as we can reach across Nigeria for free. The book is on say no to drug abuse and like I said my vision is ‘Save them Young’. It is very important that we inform our children on the dangers of drug abuse which is common among youths. With this and other necessary measures we can reduce the rate if not eradicate drug abuse in our society at large. 

What else are we expecting on the grand finale? 

I am not going to let the cat out of the bag yet. But let me give you an insight; there will be lots of heart woowing activities from the A-List Celerity Acts in the Country. i will unveil everything to you know… just be at the grand finale and you will see by yourself. Thank you 

What next after the contest? 

The projects proper, we will do all our possible best to reach out to as many schools as we can within the country for the campaign against drug abuse. Collaborate with NDLEA and other agencies to organize workshops, conferences and symposium on finding a lasting solution and means of winning our world from this menace.

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