World's Most Foolish Robbers

BELGIUM: In an incredulous incident in Belgium, a group of six armed individuals were prevented from robbing a store after the store's owner convinced them to come back later when there would be cash in the cash register.

 The would-be thieves entered the store in the middle of the afternoon but were told by the owner, identified as Didier, they would be much richer if they would come back later in the night — "I told them clearly that 3pm is not the best time to hold up a store. 

You'll take 1,000 bucks, but if you come back tonight you might be able to take more." 

 Unbelievably, the group followed his advice, and came back twice — first at 5:30 pm, when Didier again convinced them to come back a little later, and then finally at 6:30 pm, by which time plain-clothed policemen were at the store to apprehend the 5 adults and 1 minor, though one adult managed to escape.

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