5 Men arrested for involvement in Grenfell Tower fire

June last years fire at Grenfell Tower  will remain the most tragic fire incident the British have witnessed  in a century, 72 lives were lost.

A 24-storey tower engulfed in fire with several families trapped inside waving through Windows desperately in need of help the public of Britain present at the scene of the incident will forever have the picture of that day at the back of their mind.

Yet five men decided to burn a cardboard effigy of the tower to celebrate Guy Fawkes night in the UK. 

 A video went viral showing the men laughing hysterically as they lift the cardboard tower with the words “Grenfell Tower” stuck onto it, cast it into their garden bonfire and watch it go up in flames.

 Brown and black paper cutouts of residents are glued onto the effigy at the windows. 

The men shout mockingly: “Stay in your flat”, “They don’t pay their rent” and “Help me! Help me, Jump out the window”. Many of those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire were Muslim and from ethnically diverse backgrounds. 

The London Fire Brigade has been heavily criticised for telling residents to stay in their flats on the night of the fire, which many believe led to many of the deaths.

 An inquiry into the fire is ongoing. The men, aged 19, 46, 49, 49 and 55, were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of a public order offence after they handed themselves into a London police station. 

The video has sparked public outrage and been condemned across the political spectrum. 

“I utterly condemn this sickening video. The horrific Grenfell Tower fire was one of the most devastating tragedies our city has ever suffered — and I urge social media companies to do the right thing and remove this content immediately,” said London mayor Sadiq Khan.

 Campaign group Justice4Grenfell said: “This is clearly a hate crime.” 

Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated every year in Britain on November 5. 

Traditionally an effigy of Guy Fawkes is burnt on a bonfire and fireworks are let off to celebrate the day that Guy Fawkes was caught guarding 36 barrels of gunpowder intended to blow up the House of Lords in 1605. He was subsequently tried and hanged


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