Car Runs Into School Pupils In Northeast China Killing 5 Leaving 18 Injured

CHINA:: A driver has been arrested on thursday by the police in Northeast China for driving his car into some group  of primary school children outside their school killing five instantly and injuring 18 the state media reported.

 China Central Television said police were investigating the cause of the incident, which happened around noon in the city of Huludao in Liaoning province.

 Reuters could not immediately reach police or local authorities to seek comment, and it was not immediately clear what prompted the driver's action. 

 In graphic footage purporting to show the crash and circulated by media, a group of a few dozen young children cross the road before a dark-coloured sedan swerves into the wrong side of traffic and crashes into them. 

Reuters could not independently verify the images, which swiftly went viral on social media.

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