President Donald Trump Imposed sanctions  on Iran is now hindering and causing a lot of damage to the prosperity of the Iranians economy . 

                    President Donald Trump Imposed sanctions  on Iran is now hindering and causing a lot of damage to the prosperity of the Iranians economy .

 Farzad Rashidi, the CEO of the company Tamnoush which is known for producing soft drinks said 45 of their has been made jobless as a result of the sanctions.

He also said :The men are driving taxis, and women are back to being housewives.” “We have lost around 5 billion rials in the last few months, so the board decided to suspend all activities for as long as the fluctuations in the currency market continue.

 The loss would equal roughly $120,000. “It is stupid to keep driving when you see it’s a dead end,” he said.

 “The property market is slowing because high prices have made houses unaffordable,” said Armin, 29, who has a mechanical engineering degree but has been working in the construction sector.

“It is getting worse day by day.” Nima, a legal adviser for startups and tech firms, said the lack of export access is crippling new developers of games and other software.

  He also continued by saying “The situation has become so severe that many of these teams decided to suspend development of their games and are waiting to see what will happen next.

Without access to international markets, they see very little chance of making a profit.” An NPR report posted by WUWM showed that Iranians believe their government is also to blame.

 “Most of the people I know don’t approve of President Trump’s behavior. But they’re also very skeptical about the performance of the Iranian government,” NPR quoted an Iranian named Said as saying.

“We’re not political experts, but we can see these decisions are affecting our day-to-day lives very negatively.

I expect more anger, more protests.” The sanctions are making Iran’s airlines even more unsafe.

 “We are flying planes with 60-year-old technology and these planes are technically worn out,” said retired pilot Houshang Shahbaz, according to USA Today.

 “U.S. sanctions have led to many crashes, and deaths.” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last week that the sanctions are harsh by design to get Iran to change its ways.

 “Treasury’s imposition of unprecedented financial pressure on Iran should make clear to the Iranian regime that they will face mounting financial isolation and economic stagnation until they fundamentally change their destabilizing behavior,” Mnuchin said.

 Iran’s foreign minister, however, said the sanctions will be ineffective.

 “We are used to pressure and we are used to resisting pressure,” Javad Zarif told the newspaper. 

“Sanctions always hurt and they hurt ordinary people, but sanctions seldom change policy, and that has been the problem with U.S. sanctions all the time.

They do not take people back to the negotiating table. In fact, they strengthen the resolve to resist.”

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