Skilled professionals from India dominated the landscape of work visas issued by the UK government over the past few months, according to official statistics released on Thursday. 
More Indians get UK visas as EU citizens exit

The UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) found in its analysis of UK Home Office data for the previous year that while the pressures of Brexit meant a decline in migrants coming to the UK from within the European Union (EU), non-EU migrants from countries like India registered an increase across different segments. 

 There were 2,266 more Tier 2 visas granted to Indian skilled professionals, which reflected the majority (55%) in the visa category largely used by Indian IT companies to move around their workers to work on UK projects. 

“Visa grants for Tier 2 (Skilled) account for more than half of all work visas and saw an increase of 15% compared with the year ending September 2017, in particular, there were increases for Indian nationals,” the report said. 

Indian students coming to study at the UK institutions also registered an increase over the same period to hit 18,735, marking a 33% increase in the number of student visas granted to Indians.

 Indians also dominated the tourism figures in the UK, with the largest visitor visa increase of all other countries at 41,224 to hit a total of 4,68,923. 

Indians were also granted 881 more visas for family-related reasons over the previous year, with Pakistanis dominating this category with 1,895 more visas over the previous year.

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