Russia has  succeeded  in combating their enemy unmanned aerial vehicles, which could be a serious problem for US.  

Russia succeeds in taking down US drones true electronic warfare

 Although the Russian Army has been using electronic means of suppression for a long time, it was only in October 2017 that the first terrestrial system was introduced, whose main objective is to disable and neutralize enemy drones.

 The growing number of electronic warfare systems and the professionalism of the Russian military are a threat to the US fleet of unmanned vehicles, the magazine points out.

In 2011, Iran used the Avtobaz system, developed in Russia, to intercept the US Air Force’s RQ-170 drone. 

US UAVs have improved their autonomy characteristics due to technological advancement.

But  they can not remain without radio communication required for data transmission. And this is the weakest point that Russia can use in its favor, concluded the magazine.

 Earlier this year it was reported that Russia received the first advanced electronic warfare systems Silok, designed for detection of unmanned aerial vehicles in automatic mode and determination of their coordinates.

The system suppresses the channels of control, telemetry and communication of opposing drones. The Sozvezdie consortium is the leading developer and Russian manufacturer of electronic warfare systems.

 This is now more important then ever as the United States under the leadership of President Donald Trump has significantly increased its aggression towards Russia.

Russia is making all defensive measures to protect the Eurasian Giant within all its means, including scientific, military and technological.

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