Travis Scott Surprises Kylie Jenner With A House Full of Roses

Kylie Jenner got a romantic surprise last night from her baby-daddy Travis Scott. A true Kardashian, she documented the whole thing on Instagram, as she walked in her front door to a house filled with roses (seriously filled, not just some petals strewn across the floor):

Not since Kanye and Kim were first married has there been such public rapper-Kardashian affection, which is fitting considering the song that's playing in the background is Travis Scott's "Hell of a Night" from his 2013 album Owl Pharaoh, during the era when Travis Scott basically sounded like Kanye (compare Travis' song to Kanye's "Hell of a Life"). Maybe this could be a torch-passing between rappers and reality-TV/makeup stars. Either way, see some of the fitting lyrics of Travis's song and listen to it in full below:

Our first kiss in the livin' room
That's a hella way to end the night
A hella way to end the night
We did drugs in the bedroom
That's a hella way to end the night
A hella way to end the night
But she caught me fuckin' in the bathroom
Rubbers all over the bathroom
That's a hella way to end the night.

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