Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Turkish government pleads with Russia to stop strikes in Gaza

Turkish presidential spokesman beckoned on Israel to cease air strikes against the Gaza Strip, urging the international community to help in stopping a violence that grow into a full-blown conflict. 

Turkish government pleads with Russia to stop strikes in Gaza

The Turkish presidential  spokesman said  "Israel should immediately stop its attacks against the Gaza population."

 "The international community, which stays silent in the face of Israel's attacks, must take responsibility and take action," he added.

 Barrages of rocket and mortar fire into Israel and Israeli air strikes on Gaza this week have threatened a new war between the two sides.

 Seven Palestinians were killed in less than 24 hours as Israeli strikes targeted militants, while dozens of residents were injured in Israel following rockets and mortar rounds from the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian living in southern Israel was also killed.

 The escalation, triggered by a secret operation by Israeli special forces which went awry on Sunday, came after months of tension with growing fears of a fourth conflict in 10 years between Israel and Hamas that governs the Gaza Strip.

 As an unwavering supporter of Palestinians, Ankara often criticises Israeli policy, although relations improved between Turkey and Israel in 2016 after a diplomatic crisis that lasted several years.

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