Friday, 8 February 2019

US controlled camp in Syria receives first aid in 3 months

A camp where babies are dying despite it being in a zone in Syria controlled by the United States military finally received its first aid delivery in three months.

US controlled camp in Syria receives first aid in 3 months

 The United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent reached the Rukban camp in southeast Syria with 118 trucks packed with food supplies, basic medicines, education items and children's recreational kits. 

 Aid workers arrived on Wednesday night after tortuous negotiations with the Syrian government, and are expected to spend a week distributing material to the camp's 40,000 residents.

 Trapped between Jordan on one side and US-backed rebel forces on the other, Rukban received aid just twice in the last year, in January and November. 

Sajjad Malik, UN resident and humanitarian coordinator, said: "This large-scale delivery of essential humanitarian supplies to the extremely vulnerable in Rukban happened not a moment too soon." 

 About 80 percent of the inhabitants of Rukban are women and children.

 At least eight children died this winter in freezing temperatures and because of a lack of adequate medical care. 

 Jordan, the Syrian government, and the US with its local allies have played a part in hindering aid supplies. 

Jordan shut its borders in 2016 and stopped the aid flow, while the Syrian government has used the squeeze as a strategy to coerce people to give in to Bashar al-Assad's rule.

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