Donald Tusk set to support long delay if May rethiinks BREXIT

The European Union leader Donald Tusk states that the European capitals could agree on  a long delay to Brexit, in order to persuade May to change her negotiating red lines. 

 European Union leader Donald Tusk
European Union leader Donald Tusk

 Tusk said he "will appeal to the EU27 to be open to a long extension if the UK finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy and build consensus around it," during the consultations ahead of next week's EU summit.

 Donald Tusk will be the host of the March 21 summit in Brussels that may be asked to decide whether to push back Britain's March 29 departure from the Union since he is the president of the EU Council.

 His tweeted intervention came as British MPs prepared the latest in a series of votes on Brexit, this time on whether to ask the EU for such an extension of the "Article 50" process. 

 May's government has said it plans to ask for a delay until June 30 if its parliament eventually votes to approve a draft withdrawal agreement already agreed with Europe, but twice massively rejected by lawmakers.

 Tusk's support for a longer delay may encourage pro-divorce MPs fearful that a Brexit deal would "trap" London in the Union, to look again at May's proposed deal, which she insists is the best form of departure on offer.

 Donald Tusk insistence on a "rethink" reflects Brussels' long-standing position that a softer Brexit is possible if May abandons red lines, especially her opposition to joining a customs union with Europe.

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