Investigators begins the studying of Ethiopia jet cockpit recorder

France's BEA air accident investigation agency says the Investigators searching for  the cause of the BOEING  plane  that  crashed in Ethiopia and killed all 157 people on board have begun studying the cockpit voice recorder.

BOEING 737 Max crash site Ethiopia
BOEING 737 Max crash site Ethiopia 

One of the agency spokesman says the  Downloading of the data from the recorder retrieved from wreckage of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane was expected to take four to five hours, a spokesman for the agency said. 

 The BEA also issued a photo showing the recorder intact but dented by the impact of the plane's crash into a field on Sunday minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa. 

 The Ethiopian carrier said DNA testing of the remains of the people on board flight 302 may take up to six months, and it offered bereaved families charred earth from the plane crash site to bury. 

Passengers from more than 30 nations were aboard.

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