The youth of US rallies in Washington for climate inaction protest

Lots of US youths in their thousands rallied  in Washington on Friday to protest the inaction on climate change by the government.

  Youth's holding banners as they rally in streets of Washington
Youth's holding banners as they rally in streets of Washington 

That rallies was also held in 46 states ,over  1,500 students joined the event in front of the Capitol Building, where Congress sits  in which they chanted  "climate action now!"

 The demonstrations, which demanded politicians take action to combat climate change, backed measures including the Green New Deal, an ambitious Democratic environmental proposal that has become a lightning rod for Republican criticism. 

 "This is the only Earth that we have. There is no Planet B. There is no other place we can go so we need to save it," said Elise Haverland, a 16-year-old from Silver Spring, Maryland.

 Protesters carried colourful homemade placards bearing slogans such as "Our planet, our future," "Let us Live," and "Don`t frack up our Earth."

 The students also held an 11-minute silence, one for each of the years that a United Nations report said the world has remaining to get climate change under control. 

 There was also reports of School children across the world holdi g  demonstrations to demand action on climate change on Friday. 

 The protests are the offspring of youth strikes in Europe that were inspired by Greta Thunberg, a lone 15-year-old picketer at the Swedish Parliament. 

 Organisers said they hope staging the event during the school day will signal the importance that students attach to fighting climate change. 

 "Adults come fight with us!" 12-year-old Haven Coleman of Denver, one of three youth organisers of the protest in the United States, said from the stage. 

The two other leaders of the US movement are Isra Hirsi, the 16-year-old daughter of newly-elected Democratic US Representative Ilhan Omar, of Minneapolis, and Alexandria Villasenor, 13, of New York. 

 The group is calling for a "national emergency" on climate change and for the United States to stop all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

 The scientific community broadly agrees that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to net-zero by 2050 to halt the catastrophic effects of climate change. 

 Most of the declared Democratic candidates for the White House have already voiced support for the Green New Deal, a measure proposed by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - a sweeping 10-year blueprint for combating climate change that involves reducing carbon emissions and retrofitting infrastructure.

 Republicans have dismissed the proposals as unreasonably expensive and disruptive to the US economy.

 They have tried to use some of the measures to sow discord within the Democratic party, painting their political rivals as shifting to the left and embracing extreme policies.

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