Thousand's shows support to Muslims over mosque attack in NewZealand

Thousand  of New Zealand's citizens have come out to show support and solidarity over the  Christchurch mosque shooting with also  crowdfunding millions of dollars and  also  offer to accompany local Muslims now scared to walk the streets. 

Tributes pour in as signs and flowers are placed at a Memorial
Tributes pour in as signs and flowers are placed at a Memorial 

 The killing of 49 people at two mosques in this usually placid city on Friday has sent shockwaves rippling across the Pacific Island country that on average sees no more than 50 murders a year. 

 But revulsion at the bloodshed and the self-declared perpetrator's racist motives has been matched by displays of support and warmth towards the country's devastated Muslim communities. 

  In a suburb of Christchurch close to where the attacks took place, Yoti Ioannou and his wife put out a Facebook post calling for locals to donate halal food. 

 Their idea was to provide meals for the dozens of desperate relatives waiting at the city's hospitals for news of their loved ones as surgeons battled to save lives. 

 The halal food drive was inundated, they said, with people lining up to give meals throughout Saturday.  
"We're just really humbled and happy to help," Ioannou said. 

 He also said they willl be working on a way to keep things consistent with support for the families." 

He said so much food was donated that they eventually had to put a fresh call out saying no more was needed. 

  "The people of Christchurch, we're used to rallying," Iannou said, referencing the 2011 earthquake that killed more than 180 people.

 "It's just second nature to us now and I'm pleased they came out in force today." 

 The Sikh community in Christchurch offered help in washing the bodies of the victims and digging the graves.

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