American survivor of Egyptian military attack urge US President not to sell country Helicopter

April Corley, an American tourist who survived a deadly, unexpected attack by the Egyptian military urge President Trump to delay the sales of helicopter to Egypt. 

April Corley.
April Corley. 
  She showed up on "America's Newsroom" on Friday to discuss a 2015 attack on her tour group while they were in Cairo, which caused her boyfriend Rafael and 11 others dead. 

During her visit in Egypt to meet her boyfriend's mother for the first time, her tour group stopped for lunch at a popular tourist destination in Egypt's Western Desert. Soon after, bullets began to rain down on the group.

The military was allegedly firing at the tour group from American helicopters a point that Corley hopes President Trump will eventually address with Egyptian President Sisi. 

 "I was laughing and having a great time. Then there was an explosion and I was thrown to the ground, and when I got up I couldn't walk," she said. "I saw the rest of the tour group and it was just a bloody mess. "We tried to protect each other but we were just out in the open and there was nothing to protect us. We tried to huddle together and put our arms around each other but they kept coming back and shooting." 

 The attack was "tragic" and a "mistake." the Egyptian government say after the attack, 

 She later discovered that the helicopter that attacked them was purchased in America by taxpayers and sold to the Egyptian military. She now hopes President Trump will hear her case, cease sales of the helicopters to Egypt and bring up the incident to Egyptian President Sisi.

 "I would hope that President Trump would bring this up with the Egyptians when they're in town and ask them to delay the sale of these Boeing Apache helicopters that Egypt is expecting us to supply to them with American taxpayer dollars," she said. 

 "It's like I funded this, and she concluded, i really hope that President Trump would bring my case up to President Sisi, so this doesn't happen to anyone else." 


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