Protea Heights Academy: First Western Cape school to have solar power

On Wednesday, the Western Cape Education Department announced Protea Heights Academy in Cape Town going to be the first school among the schools in the Western Cape to have solar power installed, with no upfront or ongoing operational costs.

Solar panels that generates solar power.
Solar panels that generates solar power. 
Protea Heights Academy known to be specialises in mathematics, science and technology.

Protea Heights Academy principal, Wendy Horn said:  "With our focus on technology and innovation, it is a natural progression to transition the school away from fossil fuels." 

 The project is being put in place in conjunction with global solar micro-leasing marketplace, The Sun Exchange, as part of their solar exchange project in South Africa. 

For the records till date, The Sun Exchange has successfully deployed seven projects across the country "generating affordable, clean power for organisations". 

 "The Sun Exchange and its members are helping us make that transition, by making solar accessible and affordable.

 Having the world come to our school, through investment, is a great achievement. "The solar project assists the school's goal to produce global citizens who embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development goals." added Horn. 

 Through The Sun Exchange, anyone anywhere in the world can purchase solar cells which can be installed on the roofs of schools and other organisations in developing regions. 

This provides schools with some immunity against future electricity tariff extortions from Eskom". Also it helps schools save money in the short term, said Western Cape Education Department. 

Western Cape Education MEC, Debbie Schäfer congratulated the school on its efforts to "reduce their carbon footprint". 

 "Our responsibility has been reduced in term or carbon footprint, for it has been too expensive for us to implement widely in our schools," said Schäfer. 

 She added: "Thanks to this innovative approach, Protea Heights will, working with [The] Sun Exchange, transition to lower cost, clean energy affordably, as well as use this opportunity to teach the learners about the technology and principles of entrepreneurship, and our role as a country in the Sustainable Development Goals."


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