Eminem and Comedian Chris D'Elia on a battle rap

The single released by Eminem and Logic, met with a mixed reaction from fans, has been making waves over the past few days and will likely mark another top 10 hit for both Logic and Eminem. 
Eminem and Logic.
Eminem and Logic. 
As the two continue to promote the single, Eminem took to Twitter to call out comedian Chris D'Elia for a rap battle.

Today, Eminem took to Twitter to promote the single while jokingly putting the pressure on D'Elia for a rap battle. "Me and @chrisdelia are going to battle one day," he wrote along with a clip of the song. Delia quickly accepted the challenge on Instagram.

Chris D'Elia has made his name in the world on comedy and television. He's appeared in NBC's Whitney and ABC's The Good Doctor but he gained the attention of the hip-hop community after he did a spot-on impression of Eminem. 

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