Welcome to Evolutionalblogs daily 1.50 to 2 odds with a low chance of losing. This package is one of a kind and can make you hundreds of thousands of naira within a month.
Our games are from top professional tipsters around the world with high efficiency.

Here we are problem solvers, we are a group of people who have studied what is going on in betting life and have drawn out a strategy to overcome bookies, most people are out there moving from one site to another in search of high odds, in that process losing their money to bookies and prediction site.
So right here we have drawn out a plan that will make all our VIP member thousand of naira or dollar.
Here we don't force the odds. We give out two tickets daily

  1. First 1.50 odds which come always
  2. Second is 2 odds + which come occasionally
You might see the odds to be small but you are building your account without you knowing
Instead of losing always bcoz of high odds. Nobody can give you 7 odds or 4 odds always
And you are expecting to win all. 7, 10, 100  odds every day is a scam.

After subscribing to our VIP package a VIP link will be sent to you, with a password, that you alone can use to access the webpage.
Day1: 1.50x 1000 = 1500 note: you can start with any amount.
Day2: 1.50x 1500 = 2250
Day3: 1.50x 2250 = 3375
Day4: 1.50x 3375 = 5062
Day5: 1.50x 5062 = 7593
Day6: 1.50x 7593 = 11389
Day7: 1.50x 11389 = 17084.

Price: 20$

The same goes for the daily 2 odds but this plan requires more attention, In this package, games are not be sent every day. The game might be sent to you 4 or 3 times a week for a period of four weeks before your plan expires.

This plan will make you a millionaire in 10 successful days, after win you pay us 270,000 after win. On this plan our company will be sending you 2.00 that won't fail for ten days, in case of any error we will start again from day one without you paying any fee.
When you subscribe for this plan, our company will ask you to stake 1k on our 2.00 odds on day one and roll over the profit plus the capital for the next 9 days.
Here is the math below;
1. 1000 x 2.00 = 2,000. (Day one).
2. 2000 x 2.00 = 4,000. (Day two).
3. 4000 x 2.00 = 8,000. (Day three).
4. 8000 x 2.00 = 16,000. (Day four).
5. 16,000 x 2.00 = 32,000. (Day five).
6. 32,000 x 2.00 = 64,000. (Day six).
7. 64,000 x 2.00 = 128,000. (Day seven).
8. 128,000 x 2.00 = 256,000. (Day eight).
9. 256,000 x 2.00 = 512,000. (Day nine).
10. 512,000 x 2.00 = 1,024,000. (Day ten).
You can see from the scenario above that your 1k will make you a millionaire in 10 successful days. This plan is paid for after win which we charge 270,000 Naira.

Price: 30$




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